LIFE OF THIS WORLD (Written by: Faathima Dawood) 

My heart beats; feeling the pulses and throbs of anxiety, pain, and concern; whilst also being aware of all blessings and trials.

Oh my Lord, what is the life of this world?!

A weird land we surely do, temporarily live in.

What a strange place indeed! A place filled with both hardship and ease. A place where the good are wronged and the wrong are admired.

It’s a place that is Paradise for the evil doers, and a prison for all who long for peace and the bliss of the hereafter.

This world is a fighting ground and battle field for every individual.  The wars of this life seem like they’re never going to end.

We hurt and take advantage of others, forgetting death and our ever-watching Creator.

False promises, lies, betrayal, fornication (adultery)… Why has it become so common? Why is it spreading amongst the believers of The One and Only God?

We forget our Lord (Allah) many times,  but He never forgets us.

Have you ever looked around you and within yourself, and pondered over all the things Allah has created??

Have you looked at the birds in the sky, that fly high from one place to another, with no bulky engines nor any landing gears?

Have you ever wondered how a chick from an unhatched egg receives air, or how it could breath or be fed whilst being inside an egg, which obviously has no holes nor any passages through which air or food could be passed through?

Who is the One sustaining it? Who is the One that has made this all possible?

سبحان الله

 All He has to say is… “كن” فيكون

Everything comes into existence only by the will of Allah.

We did not and cannot choose our nationality, skin color, nor our blood types; but it is Allah who chose for us what He wanted us to be. And after all, he created us all from sand.

Oh Allah, Help us! We are going backwards, and returning to the times of ignorance. We beg of you,  oh our Creator, for we are indeed weak.

We want a death with faith, strong belief, and testimony in Allah, and in His final Messenger Muhammad صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم  .

May we testify with our hearts, and say the testification (of the Shahada) on our lips.

May we pass this difficult test of life, and may each and every one of us lie in a grave that will become a garden from amongst the gardens of Paradise.

May we receive shade from the throne of Almighty Allah on the Day of Reckoning, when the heat of the sun will be drowning us in our own perspiration and sweat.

May we be saved from the black, flaming, fire of Hell.

And most of all, may we all be entered into the land of everlasting happiness and peace, the land of Paradise - AL JANNAH  

يا ربنا اتنا في الدنيا حسنة وفي الآخرة حسنة،  وقنا عذاب النار



(Written by: Faathima Dawood)